There has never been a perfect time to get our country back!!!!

Right now, we have all the magic ingredients to pull off the major defeat of the crony rulers!! By going green in every way, and no longer having the MIlitary ruling complex send us in another war for oil and or profit. By replacing all crony planet trashing industries with cannabis and green hydrogen. In the last 4 years, has anybody here ever see the words, launch the green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry from anybody but me (terry cook/ Citizens’ Committee for a Restructured Government, John Nicholson, Constitutional MILITIA, Tyson Manker Wes Clark Jr. Veterans-Stand, Veterans for Bernie, Veterans for Bernie Sanders, Largest Assemblage of Native Americans, and Women For Justice. Good news!!!!! We are ganging up, taking back what we once had!! Any questions about stopping fracking and growing hemp???

Not too long ago, had letters to the editor on the subject of Chemtrails. Probably like in most newspapers, there were more poo pooing it off. We have come to a time, that the dying newspaper industry will be making major decisions on what they publish. John Nicholson and I have the only and best plan to save our planet, which we are submitting to the contest of Richard Branson’s “Save The Planet” That came out in 2010. Guess what???? Nobody else, has the balls to come up with the plan to take the cronies out, not out for lunch!!! Please go to the 2nd page, first post. That is it!!!!! Trump is the MFOAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today in, Don Iliff wrote the finest letter to the editor ever. One fact I must add. 100 million Native Americans slaughtered, in a 200 year span by, mostly American Christians. John Nicholson Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government, and I are Brothers from another Mother but, have the same Father, Jesus Christ. We now live in a time that most have evolved from being born, raised, and herded as meek sheep! We allowed everything Don has proclaimed. If we continue to allow. 1 or 2 decades will bring 1/2 humanity starved to death if, WE do not grow Hemp!!! One other fact, 100,000 of our children are taken, and we allow that too!!! NOT any more! No more wars for oil and profit. terry/, Veterans for Bernie Sanders, Constitutional MILITIA

The Courier


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