This will be the year we kick ass, take names, and send all bought down the road!!!


¬†There is iron in your words. Trump can end all research. Not needed. Nothing needs to be invented. This will be the year we kick some ass like Marines!!! Once a bully, always until you meet up with an ex-Marine that is completely pissed off from a man that has refused to come face to face with an hour reality show episode of how we got our country back. Facing John Nicholson of Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government, Attorney Tyson Manker founder of, Wes Clark Jr., Commander of Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, and I ex-Marine 65-69 2 years in Vietnam, 1968 was the year my personal war against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man began. So basically us 4 patriots have 100 years under our belt, debating on where we are going, how we are getting there, the wonders of cannabis and green hydrogen, and the fact it is time to clean is as important day because it represents the greatest stand of my youth. That left a lasting impression in my brain cells that has served to fuel my fire. Dr King’s actions instilled a certain confidence in us to know fighting for what is right is a Godly mission to fight off evil. Now days we are in 2 colors. Black is for fossil oil, coal, and evil. Green is for good and Godly, to give everybody the opportunity to become contributors to society. That is called, The Green Hydrogen Economy, along with the hemp, and self-sufficient industry. When you are no longer buying the planet trashing energy from the ruler cronies, it serves to drive a wooden stake into their hearts. Got to do that before they poison us off or take away our oxygen. terry cook/, type MLK in the research box. Never give up on your dreams!!!!

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    • My best friend turned me onto Quantum leap mms. Plus I am a believer in bringing in 110 cannabinoids into my body by way of CBD cannabis oil, hemp hearts, and morning, noon, and night a Scooby Snack. Scientific And Real Facts About the Cannabinoids in Cannabis to get the three hour video showing how our bodies can heal itself with a little help from the most valuable plant on earth. All animals have a cannabinoid receptor system, installed by nature or God, from the beginning of time. The AMA hate all of the above, especially mms!!! Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government, Constitutional Militia, John Nicholson President. please view his 2012 video “Free You Mind”. John is who turned me onto mms, and so many very important facts that has served to form a tight bond between an assemblage of united patriots and many of my friends. You must know your enemy. how they work, what are their priorities, weaknesses, and main goals. Then and only then, will be see positive change for the common man. 18 months ago, NOBODY give us a chance in hell, to stop our downward spiral, phase out all fossil and nuke. 2020 will be the year we will have stopped nuke, fossil, and fracking our country to pieces for dirty rotten natural gas, but then it will be too late. So that is why we don’t have time to fuck around. We still have some good water left, not much. Homemade green hydrogen, hemp, and the self-sufficient industry are the answers. Not one of those words were spoken by Frack Hillary Clinton, America Against Donald Trump, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, or Jill Stein – The Greater Good, Not The Lesser Evil. terry cook/

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