Time to stop buying what the crony rulers are pushing

Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government. All bought must be removed from office, sent down the road. Pensions?? forget it!!!!!! You have your shoe box stuffed and lucky treason charges are not brought. Companies are beginning the process of divesting from evil, going green to save our planet. hemp must be legal to grow in the nest 3 months!!!!!!!!! Marijuana must be available to everybody for health. It is our right. Divesting will be mainly for those companies that do not go green in every way, and also for those still piss testing. thetopcatplan.com 46 years in the making to end our modern day dark age, and go from the #1 Most Bought to the World’s leader in Green. Remember the justice, freedom, liberty, and democracy we lost?????? When we no longer buy planet trashing ruling crony fuel and oil then, we get our country Bring Back American Jobs And Buy Products Made In The USA. We are launching the Green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry. I am talking about 17 divisions of green products, produced, transported, made in your state, province, or territory. This will make America Strong in ways Trump has not a clue!!!!!! Vetsforbernie.org for Berner’s Working Congress, Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka in 2020. We are thankful this Christmas U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is alive, and did not die of a heart attack (current way of execution) Protection programs are coming to keep guys like me and my friends alive and out of fema camps. Any questions????

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