Trump is a disgrace

Every time Trump says statements like, “we are gonna get the coal miners back to work.” goes to show, he walks with no common sense. He has approved the XL Keystone Pipeline, Russian steel pipelines, pumping poison every where, fracking our country to pieces, trash water to make clean water, worth more than jet fuel. Doing the most dastardly deeds to feed his ego. I started doing everything possible to call Trump out, for a face to face debate for the world to see. Subjects; where we must go, how we will get there, the wonders of cannabis, and we have 9 green jobs for every 1 lost from coal, fracking, poison chemicals from crony industries. Hemp char-coal will replace mercury sulfur toxic coal within 1 year!!! Hemp char-coal puts out NO added CO2’s!!!! We are planting hemp every where!!!!! NOT waiting!!!!!! The Planet depends on the most valuable plant on earth. Constitutional MILITIA,

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