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Do you approve of the top cat plan?

Should America convert our trains to be all electric and demand all school buses and public transit buses to be all electric or running on hydrogen?

Would you like to see the federal law on marijuana prohibition abolished?

Vote yes or no to abolish the federal law that states one can not drive any vehicle pulling a trailer and draw fuel from that trailer to propel it. Both these laws were bought by the oil companies.

Would you liker our next president to be Ron Paul?

Vote yes or no for the provision that gives complete control to the Ohio Energy Initiative Commission LLC. Vote no if you want to see an organization with visibility and accoutability.

Vote yes or no to renounce the 1961 Single Convention Treaty on drugs and marijuana.

Vote yes or no to require all labels on all food products indicate whether GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are present in any product including all meats.

14 thoughts on “Vote Now

  1. I agree with you Terry. I don’t know about ron paul but I agree with everything else. It seems so simple. I’m glad your doing this and hopefully your information will be diseminated and absorbed by people. You have some great ideas and the polititions should get behind them. I hope I see ya around town this summer. This website is a very good start.

  2. This is for Terry.
    I live close to Findlay and I was wondering if you will ever put on a sit down discussion form some where in Findlay. I like your ideas and would like to talk to you in-person. Keep this in mind, I think you be surprise by how many people read your posting in the local paper.

    Thank You

    • Hi Becky, I’ll be at the Rock&Roll Outlaw’s gig at the Moose is tonight. No cover for the public. See you there. T.C.

  3. Hi Terry,
    Missed you at the Moose. I was hoping you could give me some updates as to where you may be speaking next.

    • Hi Becky, I’ll be at the next Coffee Amici Editor gathering in two weeks Saturday morning. Watch in the Courier for the announcement of the coming event. Hope to see you there. Yours truly, Terry

    • Hi John Brother, My oldest grandson must of borrowed my phone. I’ll give you a call tomorrow. My latest letter to the editor will probably be in tomorrows Courier. I want to take you to the chopper shop and to Bob Millers soon. Always good to talk to my top trouble shooter. T.C.

  4. Not a Ron Paul fan, but I do see a lot of “cross over” issues with Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign for President — Bernie is strongly for spending $1 Trillion on upgrading our 1950’s railways, roadways and bridges, converting away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy. He is endorsed by Friends of the Earth – US that is affiliated with organizations in 57 countries: Because Bernie believes, at the very least, we should label GMO food and combat the Monsanto seed monopoly. He is for decriminalization of marijuana and he introduced legislation two weeks ago to END Private (for-profit) Prison —- that are corrupting law enforcement, courts and legislators to “keep the beds full” by not enacting prison and detention center reforms to reduce mass-incarceration. Bernie has introduced legislation to TAX the Wall Street (global) investment banks, a small fee on every one of those k-zillion speculation stock trades (which would raise $70 billion per year!) to fund tuition-free college for our kids and allow them to refinance those 9% and 12% college loans down to a 2 or 3% amount of interest so they are not under a lifetime of debt just because they wanted an education and did not come from a rich family. We are in a VERY SERIOUS CRISIS in the USA. — #VOTE – #BernieSanders in the Democratic Primary Elections against Hillary Clinton (just another member of the #Billionaire Club.)

    • Could not have said it better. I am probably the first to tell you and your friends, part of the infrastructure program will include replacing all drinking water plumbing and water towers to be hemp composite and no longer dump fluoride in it. thanks cool lady

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