Corn fuel is no dam good

Corn fuel is bad!!! It is trash to burn and trashing our planet. Added industrial toxic waste poison coming from crony industries, or we will call it, weed and bug killer increases in use for corn and cotton. Good for DuPont and Monsanto (poison handlers). Bad for our planet and all creatures. We (tax payers) fork up .$.45 per gallon in subsidies due to end this year. Hemp is the answer, coming soon. Better fuel, lubricant, and so much better for the farmers, soil, air, and water. Increase in corn production has resulted in a growing dead spot in the Gulf of Mexico from the added herbicide and insecticide use in 9,000,000 acres of Federal reserved land now growing corn for the last 4 years. spring planting of hemp is almost here. Buy hemp seeds for a dollar a pound, 50.000 lbs plants 168 acres to bring $6,000,000.00 per season (2 in Ohio) Our planet’s rulers have kept hemp illegal to grow in most states. We Ohioans voted to legalize industrial hemp 2 years ago. Are we growing yet in the #1 Most un green state also being #1 in Heroin deaths? The answer, NO because for one, the seeds that are earmarked for Universities to grow for research are still being held up at the Canadian border by our DEA. Yes research to find IF there is any good use for the most valuable plant on earth. Our state’s law also states that if a factory owns farmland and it is using hemp as the raw material source for production. I approached our Findlay’s Centrex manufacturing plant that uses fossil oil fiberglass for the production of many items. I left a message with the leaders, engineers, and trouble shooters to allow us to have a 20 minute enlightenment presentation on how Centrex could become Findlay’s first green manufacturing complex. Use that old Tarbox quarry for making green hydrogen and green electricity to no longer be using planet trashing fossil oil or fuel. Within 4 years, the equipment to go green will be paid for, and your energy bill will be nothing. Any questions stockholders in fossil oil?????? Terry Cook/

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