We are planting hemp April 20, 2017 to save our planet

America, are WE ready to follow the Canadian Nation and grow industrial hemp???????
Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government, It is a disgrace that Ohio is #1 in opiate deaths, and California is #2 with CA being three times bigger in area and three times larger in population. Our nation owns the largest poppy fields and still lists cannabis as a drug, narcotic, and has no medical benefit.
If you still believe what our government has embedded into your brain cells your whole life, you are still among the born, raised, and herded meek sheep.
Nowadays, most of us have evolved to know what is right and what is wrong.
The National American Legion is petitioning the new administration to allow all veterans the right to smoke the herb.
All opiate addicts also deserves the right to get their lives back. For heroin addicts to be forbidden the use of a proven remedy (the best) is as stupid as cutting down green trees to make paper.
Our Ohio Universities are still waiting for the hemp seeds to grow for research to see if there is any benefit for the world’s most valuable plant.
I am ashamed to live in Findlay, a town who puts a 2 year wait on cannabis growers and dispensaries, and has Boogie on Main St to show our youth booze drinking is cool.
4 or 5 years ago it was suggested Hancock County to be renamed Cook County. A far more appropriate name would be Common Senseless County.
States that have legalized recreational marijuana have enjoyed at least a 25% reduction in opiate deaths, and a reduction of youth usage.
If you believe marijuana is the gateway drug, you are as deranged as Hillary Clinton. thetopcatplan.com, Wes Clark Jr. Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, vetsforbernie.org for Congress

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