We will not go to war for oil or compete for nukes

We will NEVER go to war for oil or any other dumb ass reason!!!!!! There are good hearted souls in our country, doing good things. We now have huge amounts of divesting from fossil, to go green in every way. This is a major contributor in our fast growing Movement! Our people are so tried of reading about the Russians and Hillary!!!!!Right on, they are so insignificant!!! We are full guns into our Green & Political Movement, that brings huge amounts of positive green energy. We have a new direction!!!!!! 4 minutes, 20 seconds into the inauguration, we will be given the order to, “Lightem if you gottem!!! 4,200 on sight for the world to see our new direction. If Trump has a lick of sense, he will sign An Act of War!!!! What war??? OUR current War to Survive!!!!! (what WE have allowed to happen) Sign what Bill????? RETURN of 1942 “Hemp for Victory”!!!!! We are planting hemp in every county, every state, province, and territory in 90 days!!! With or without Trump…. The people of our Revolution are giving The World for Donald Trump the opportunity to go down in history as looking real good or, very foolish. This is our present to you Donald Trump is My President. Use it wisely or pay a BIG price….. Wes Clark Jr. Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government, thetopcatplan.com, vetsforbernie.org

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